Monday, February 14, 2011

25 facts u may not know about me.....:)

Once you have been tagged, you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to tag. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

it has been so long that i haven't updated my blog, so, here it is....
cuz this really sweet person tagged me with this and threatened me that she's gonna "merajuk" if i'm not doing, these are 25 random things about me..:)

1. being alone by myself is one of the best thing that i can do...:p
2. i hate to tell my problems to others cuz that might burden them..i'd rather keeping it to myself so nobody will feel burdened for being with me...
3. teringin sangat nak main layang2 sbb dah lama giler x main..last main layang tyme skola rendah darjah 3.
4. my blood type is a+..
5. haven't been in a romantic relationship for about 4 years till now...:)
6. people see me like a very strong guy emotionally but easily vulnerable inside...i'm good in faking my real feelings inside....
7. i love debate....
8. suka berangan...:)
9. i like sushi but i hate sea weed, so biler nk makan sushi jer, i'll remove the sea weed 1st, then baru makan..:p
10. i love spicy food...:p
11. masa kecik pernah ada ambition nak jadi magician...:)
12. the last child in the family and still the only one yg belum kahwin and ada anak.....
13. everytime kalau shopping, perkara yg wajib beli is boxer and t shirt@kemeja...
14. some says that i'm the type of guy yg suka it??
15. suka keluar and wandering around sorg2 tanpa tujuan...
16. some people say that i'm ke?
17. just got 3 new kittens during holiday ari tu....
18. sangat suka tengok power rangers dr skola rendah till now!!
19. suka main tennis...
20. petanque is my new favorite game even though i'm not really good playing it..:p
21. got a lot to accomplish in my life and till each and every one of them is not accomplished, i'll not get married...:p
22. used to be active in blogging and stop skjp due to a reason which u have to ask me personally...
23. i got 7 nephews..
24. there is this one person cannot stop calling me cookies..haha..
25. i like seeing other people happy...:)

25 people that i wanna tag-
whoever thinks that i should tag this to them, feel free to be guest...:)

to marshmallow-
awk, saya dah buat dah, so jangan nk merajuk ek..haha..anyway, i like ur background song and i'm still listening to it while i'm doing this...:)