Friday, October 29, 2010

the necklace....

today sucks!!
i'm hungry!!somebody took my books!!
i'm alone!!i'm miserable!!
pretending to look okay!!and worst!!
somebody lost my necklace!!shit!!!!
yeah!!!i'm angry!!!and at the same time....i'm sad!!!
it was all about the necklace!!
i know....the necklace is not that might not worth a million in number...
it is also not that beautiful compared to other necklace...but it means a lot to me!!
it hat it's own sentimental value...and i really appreciate it so very much!!!
because i said it brings so much to me, that's why i keep it inside my bag and i'm not wearing because i'm afraid i might lose it....but everything changed when this guy actually found this necklace.....but..i was not really reluctant to lend this necklace to him as i trust i lend him the necklace because he asked for it....but..i did remind him to take care of it really good....i trust him cuz he was one of my good friend but now i doubt whether he can still be my good friend after this....i thought he would really take a very good care of the necklace.....unfortunately..he dont....just today...he told me he lost the necklace without any guilt!!!
damn it!!!it really does pissed me off!!
he thought i would buy his story that he lost the necklace....
but actually i know the necklace is still there...just not in his hand....
i saw it before....but still he thinks i dont know about it.....
fuck it!!!!